The Wake Up scenes is the two scenes where the Wolfpack wake up in Las Vegas and Bangkok.

First filmEdit

The scene opens with the song "Fever " and the room is a wreck as Jade is lleaving as Stu wakes up and lays on the couch, Alan wakes up and goes into the bathroom and sees the tiger. as Phil then wakes up after Alan trips over him as Alan tells then there is a tiger in the bathroom as Alan says he'll see as he sees it as Phil tells Alan to go put on some pants. As Stu notices he might be missing a tooth as he is through, Phil tells Alan to go look for Doug, but he can't find him and his mattress is gone. Phil tries calling his cellphone, but it is in the room. Phil and Stu notice crying and they see the baby, Tyler in the closet. As they take the baby with them and they leave the room.

Second filmEdit

The scene opens with the song, Mark Langan "The Beast in Me" as Phil wakes up on the floor in the Bangkok hotel room as he looks out the window to see where they are as Alan falls off of the top of the bunk bed. As Phil tells Alan his hair is gone as he checks his beard, but he says his head and the power goes out. As the two hear moaning and they see Stu is in the bathroom, sleeping in the bathtub until Phil wakes him up and they see his Mike Tyson tattoo as Stu thinks it's his teeth, but he sees the tattoo in the mirror as he tries to wash it off, but finds out it is a real tattoo and Stu thinks Alan roofied him, but Alan denies doing anything as Phil tells Stu he swore to God. The Monkey thens jumps onto Stu's back until it jumps onto the light post. The phone rings and Phol asks Doug where is he and Doyg says he is at the resort. Alan notices something under a blanket and then Stu sees it, too. Phil, when talking to Doug sees Teddy's finger in a bowl of Ice and Phil tells Doug what he saw and then goes into the other room and see the thing, Stu and Alan are looking until the monkey licks it and punches it as it seems to be Chow's penis as the tells them they are in Bangkok and Chow is about to tell them what went down and Phil tells Stu that Teddy was with then last night. And when snorting some cocaine Chow dies for a short while and they hide his body on the ice machine.