With the original The Hangover being the number 1 top US grossing R-rated comedy of all time, it's no surprise that box office soothsayers are predicting that The Hangover Part II will soon takes it's place somewhere in the list of top ten rated R comedy champs.

Below is the official tally from Box Office Mojo.


  1. The Hangover $277,322,503
  2. Wedding Crashers $209,255,921
  3. There's Something About Mary $176,484,651
  4. Scary Movie $157,019,771
  5. Knocked Up $148,768,917
  6. American Pie 2 $145,103,595
  7. National Lampoon's Animal House $141,600,000
  8. Superbad $121,463,226
  9. Jackass 3-D $117,229,692
  10. Porky's $111,289,673

To vote on which top grossing film is your favorite, go HERE!

And tell us where you think The Hangover Part II will end up on the list!

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