The Monkey
The Monkey






formerly drug dealer





Portrayed by

Crystal the Monkey

First Appearance

The Hangover Part II

Last Appearance

The Hangover Part III (cameo)

The Drug-dealing Monkey is one of the supporting character in The Hangover Part II.


Not very much is known about the monkey. The reason that it is a drug dealer is that Chow said that monkeys never get arrested. The monkey's reward is a banana for doing his job. The Wolfpack kidnapped him during their night in Bangkok and his owners chased them through the streets. The monkey was then shot in the stomach and the Wolfpack dropped him off at a Bangkok vet. Alan then gave him a cigarette before leaving. It is known that Alan likes the monkey and wished he could skype. At the end of the third movie, Alan somehow brought the monkey and the monkey jumps on Stu's shoulders, startling him.


  • Alan Garner - Alan likes the monkey very much and the wolfpack kidnapped him because Alan thinks he is cute. He even burst out in tears when the monkey got shot. But the monkey himself dislikes Alan first as he slapped his hand away and screeched to his owners.
  • Leslie Chow - He slapped Chow in his exposed gentials and Chow called him a "gay monkey".

Injuries sustainedEdit

  • Shot in the stomach by one of the drug dealers.


  • On some posters, The Monkey's vest is different. 
  • In the second movie Chow calls the monkey a "gay monkey", in real life Crystal the Monkey is actually female.