Phill 2
Phil Wenneck
Background information
First appearance: The Hangover
Latest appearance: The Hangover Part III
Portrayer: Bradley Cooper
Character information
Full name: Philip Wenneck
Other names: Phil
Blue Eyes
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Death Cause:
Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes
Born: May 5, 1975 (Zodiac Sign: Taurus)
Age: 34 (The Hangover)
36 (The Hangover Part II)
38 (The Hangover Part III)
Profession: Teacher
Home: Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Family and relatives: Stephanie Wenneck (wife)
Eli (younger son)
Unnamed daughter
Friends: Stuart Price
Alan Garner
Tracy Garner-Billings
Doug Billings
Leslie Chow (formerly)
Enemies: Leslie Chow (formerly)
Philip "Phil" Wenneck is best friends with Doug Billings, Stuart Price, and Alan Garner, as well as the main protagonist of The Hangover, the deuteragonist of The Hangover Part II, and the main protagonist-turned-tritagonist of The Hangover Part III . Because of his narcissistic playboy mindframe, he often complains about his married life, despite the fact that he was the only one married at the beginning of the series, though he is happily married to Stephanie Wenneck and they have two children; Eli and an infant daughter, who he loves, even though he doesn't seem to have a great appreciation for children. He is portrayed by Bradley Cooper in all three films. 


Phil has a wife, Stephanie and two kids, Eli and an unnamed daughter. Occasionally, Phil is selfish and seemingly hates his life. Phil loves bachelor parties and was angry when Stu didn't want one. Instead, they had a bachelor brunch, upsetting Phil. Selfish and jerky at times, he is charismatic and cares about his friends. Phil is sometimes a jerk to Stu, especially about Stu saying he is a real doctor. Stu said that Phil drives great drunk. Phil always wakes up on the ground after their drunken escapades. Phil usually wears shades during their quests. Phil is always the joker and laughs at the worst things that happen to his friend when they wake up. Phil is also a school teacher and even insults his students; he may have even faked a field trip to get money for the trip to Vegas. Phil was the only one person who extremely hated Melissa, because she was mean and controlling (she would boss Stu around on a regular basis.) He thought Stu proposing to her was a mistake. In the end, Phil was proud of Stu when he finally stood up to Melissa and dumped her.


The Hangover Part IIEdit

In flashback, in year of 1985, he is 11 years old with, Stu, Alan, and Doug.


Doug BillingsEdit

Doug is Phil's best friend, whom he has known since childhood. Although Doug is sometimes annoyed by Phil's rebellious behaviour (such as standing on and climbing into the car of Alan's father, and drunk driving), they hang out regularly along with Stu.

Stuart PriceEdit

Phil and Stu have known each other since childhood and are very close friends. Phil has a tendency to embarass Stu whenever he tries to pass himself off as a doctor (when he is just a dentist) and steals from him, but does genuinely care about Stu. He is proud of him for breaking up with Melissa and is also happy that he has found real happiness with Lauren.

Alan GarnerEdit

Phil had met Alan several times before the bachelor party for Doug in Las Vegas, though he initially does not remember Alan until he reminds Phil of their previous meetings, and Phil immediately changes his tone and is friendlier to Alan. Phil takes a liking to Alan from then on and is amused by his antics, although he is sometimes irritated and frustrated by Alan's stupidity. They become better friends over the course of the sequels, and is ultimately a groomsmen in Alan's wedding. He is easily the most tolerant of Alan, and is Alan's favorite.

Injuries sustainedEdit

The Hangover:

  • Slight concussion from unexplained event
  • Bruised ribs from same event
  • Kicked in side by Alan (when he tripped over Phil)
  • Tasered in the groin
  • Hit in the back several times with a crowbar
  • Hit in the face with a crowbar

The Hangover Part II:

  • Hit with a stick by a Monk
  • Shot in the left shoulder.
  • Vomiting while drunk

The Hangover Part III

  • Punched, then headbutted by Chow

Memorable QuotesEdit

The HangoverEdit

"Paging Dr. Faggot... Dr. Faggot!"

Hello I want to be a hollywood actor

"...I f**kin' hate my life, I may never go back. I might just stay in Vegas."

"Lets get out of here before one of these nerds asks me another question"

"Enough of Melissa already. She's the worst."

"No Sh*t that was Mike Tyson."

"Damn Stu, give him a minute! He just got knocked out by Mike Tyson!"

"We are back. We are f**king back!!"

"He's not kidding, there's a tiger in there!"

"We f**ked Up."

The Hangover: Part 2Edit

"It happened again"

"This time we really f**ked up"

"You take Vegas out of that equation and you would've married a c*nt."

"Alan, What the F**k?!"

"Alan, would you please stop crying?!"

"Drink up everyone oh wait there's no alchol that's right We're at a f**king IHOP!


In the original script for The Hangover Phil's name was Vick.