Lauren 01
Background information
First appearance: The Hangover Part II
Latest appearance: The Hangover Part II
Portrayer: Jamie Chung
Character information
Full name: Lauren Srisai
Other names: Lauren
Race: Thai-American
Status: Alive
Death Cause:
Appearance: N / A
Born: 1980s / 1990s
Died: N / A
Age: Early 20s
Profession: Unemployed
Home: Somewhere in Thailand (formerly)
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Family and relatives: Stuart Price (husband)
Teddy (younger brother)
Mr. Srisai (father)
Friends: Philip Wenneck
Alan Garner
Doug Billings
Tracy Garner-Billings
Enemies: N / A

Lauren Srisai is Teddy's older sister, and the wife of Stu. She was born in Thailand and where they placed their pre-wedding brunch as she is trying to get her father's blessing for Stu and her. Stu was worried what she would say about the tattoo on his face but she said she liked it. Lauren returned in the third film, but had a small role.

Her actress is actually Korean in real-life and not Thai like Lauren.

Memorable QuotesEdit

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