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Joe on The Hangover:Part II

Joe is a minor character in The Hangover:Part II, he is the tattoo artist that gave Stu the face tattoo. He is portrayed by Nick Cassavetes. 


Joe is an American tattoo artist that resides in Bangkok, he runs his tattoo shop "Joe's Tattoos" on the same neighborhood as the White Lion Bar, after The Wolfpack had started a bar fight that escalated into a "full-on fucking" riot. Joe took them in and hid them when the police started "cracking skulls". while hiding them, Stu decides to get a tattoo and spent most of the time crying "like a little bitch". After the wolfpack got sober, they went over to the neighborhood that the White Lion is located, only to be shouted at and thrown at by the mad locals. They then found his tattoo parlor and asked him what happened the previous night, to which Joe told them to "take a look outside, half the neighborhood went down" to which Phil asked "We did that?". He then asked the group if they remember getting into a barfight at the White Lion and starting a full on riot to which they said no. he then showed them a video of them during the riot. He then told Stu that he decided to get a tattoo and that he cried like a bitch, to which he then told a kid he was giving a tattoo to show his balls as Joe claimed that he has balls twice the size of Stu. Afterwards, he told The Wolfpack to go to the Chiang Mei monastery outside of town to find someone that will make the monk talk as he said to them "These monks take their vow shit seriously".

Memorable QuotesEdit

The Hangover:Part II

"Take a look what you did, half the neighborhood went down"

"You don't remember getting into a bar fight at the White Lion? starting a full on fucking riot?"

"That's when you decide to get a tattoo, cried like a little bitch"

"You're wasting your time, these monks take their vow shit seriously. Look at this, this is the sign of the Chiang Mei monastery just outside of town, maybe someone there can get him to talk"


  • Nick Cassavetes, who portrayed Joe only made a cameo and is not a credited actor for the film.
  • Joe is the only character to only made an appearance in only one scene.
  • Mel Gibson was intended to portray this character, but he delined.

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