Alan giraffe
Alan's giraffe
Background information
First appearance: The Hangover Part III
Latest appearance: The Hangover Part III
Portrayer: N / A
Character information
Full name: N / A
Other names: N / A
Race: Giraffe
Status: Deceased
Death Cause: Head hit off by low bridge
Appearance: Long neck, brown and cream
Born: N / A (possibly 2013)
Died: 2013
Age: N / A (possibly unborn)
Profession: N / A
Home: N / A (possibly zoo)
Family and relatives: N / A
Friends: N / A
Enemies: N / A

The Alan's giraffe is the mascot of Alan Garner. At the beginning of The Hangover Part III, Alan Garner was driving his car with a trailer attached carrying his newly bought giraffe on a freeway in Irvine, California when he drove under a low bridge, decapitating the giraffe. His head smashed into the windshield of a family car (with the family having been surprised by the giraffe), and the family were scared so much that they crashed their car, causing a huge pile-up that either damaged or blocked every car behind Alan.

Sid Garner wrote huge checks for this incident.

Injuries Sustained Edit

The Hangover Part III Edit

  • Decapitated and killed.

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